A joint campaign to promote feminist-related books from Ara Llibres publishing house on the occasion of Sant Jordi.

The campaign involves a dialogue featuring Esther Vivas, Mireia Boya, Natza Farré, and Gala Pont, who are the authors of “Mama desobedient,” “Trencar el silenci,” and “Que no t’expliquin contes.” Three distinct pieces were crafted, each placing greater emphasis on one of the titles and its associated themes, including politics, motherhood, and the portrayal of women in fiction.

The pieces, which are a mix of promotion and content, were released on the publishing house’s YouTube channel, where they garnered 77,300 views, all of which were organic.

Client: Ara Llibres

Primary distribution channels: YouTube

Secondary distribution channels: Instagram, Twitter

Adaptations: landscape, vertical

Genre: promotional talk show